This surprises me…

Hi I’m Tom! I have never had any interest in reading at all and find it quite a stressful and a dull affair on most accounts, so it surprises me that i even had the want to start writing a blog and that I managed to sit through/read the how to set up a blog on WordPress.

A little while ago i was asked to write a guest entry on a blog for an event that a friend of mine was heavily involved with and i found that i didn’t hate doing it. A few months later i was asked again to write a guest entry for a training school that i am part of and once again really enjoyed it, so i thought i would take a crack at doing this regularly.

There is no real theme to this blog and will mainly be my ramblings about all sorts of things, it wont be everyone’s cup of tea but there are plenty of other great blogs out there. For me this is something that I wanna try out for a while, probs til i get bored or become fascinated with something else.

That’s enough of an intro, let me tell you a little bit about me; I am 22 and have been in a relationship for nearly 8 years and married for almost 3 of those years, i met my wife when we were at school together and it was the classic story of geeky guy likes beautiful popular girl, it was a classic “Shes all that” kind of situation but without the betting. I was oddly confident when asking her out, for a spikey haired 15 year old wearing a football shirt 2 sizes too big for me (I was sure puberty was gonna give me massive biceps so i bought it big in faith) and my best Lonsdale trainers. I would love to tell you that she was over powered by my charm, natural charisma, Lascoste eau-de-toilette, and fell head over heals for me but this was less of a triumph and more of a try again moment, so that i did. Im sure i will delve more in this area of my life as the time passes but for now all you need to know is that, we are married now and i never did grow into that football shirt.

I’m Christian who is heavily involved in a local church called “Kings Arms” in Bedford and have been part of the worship team for a number of years now, i may chat about this from time to time and share my thoughts on worship, song writing (or lack of at the moment), Church life and my general musings about life.

I love to travel and will often talk about my longing to live in America but will try not to rattle on about my love for everything red,white and blue too much. Constantly i am inspired by music, every thing to do with it, melodies, harmonies, beats, bass lines, riffs but most of all lyrics. Lyrics will often send my thoughts down a path that i don’t always know where it will end up and by reading these entries you will get a bit of an insight into that.

Any way that’s a brief introduction, i am to post my first “Real” entry some time next week but for now that is all.