“Music is a world within its self with a language we all understand….”

The title of this entry is from one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs “Sir Duke” and i have found it to be a wonderful philosophy, in that it is so right that music is just one of those things that is like nothing else and it speaks to everyone.

Music is one of the biggest passions in my life and has been from a very young age, one of my fondest memories of growing up was when on a Saturday morning listening to my Dad’s records with him while we would try to record them onto tape so that we could listen to them in his work van or in our family car, which was a Lada this probably makes me seem older than i am but we just had a rubbish car, it wasn’t 1974 like you would expect when most people drove cars like this, it was the year 2000. So while i thought we would all be hanging out in our flying cars and having music beamed into our ears by ray guns by the turn of the millennium, my Dad and I were hovering over the stop button of our Sony cassette recorder so that we didn’t get any hissing from the record when the track had finished.

So from a young age i was surrounded by all sorts of musical styles as my Dad was a man of diverse musical taste. I loved everything that he loved, Mowtown, Northern Soul, Reggae, Funk, Swing, Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Glam Rock, Pop, Punk, Pop Punk, Disco and a healthy dose of Barry Manilow.

Throughout my life music has framed various occasions and events. With every significant memory there is a song attached to it like song cheesy sitcom “look back” episode. When i proposed to my wife the memory is forever coupled with the song “Do You Remember?” by Jack Johnson, the memory of my first ever time picking up a guitar is mashed up with the sound of Don McLeans “American Pie”, when i think about the day of my Dads funeral i will always hear a mixture of Jackie Wilsons “Nothing but Blue Skies” and “Spanish Harlem” by The Drifters. All these situations on there own are enough to evoke emotion without the incredible backdrop of a perfectly chosen soundtrack but music causes emotion even in everyday mundanity. It is amazing that i can be in the car and hear a track that makes me want to cry or laugh or reminisce.

I dont know if this is the case for everyone else but i surely cant be the only one who has a song or thinks of a song for every situation. I genuinely believe that there is no situation that cant be improved with the addition of music, maybe a doctors appointment for a burst eardrum… but that is literally the only one i can think of!

As a Christian I cant help but think about what kind of power and creativity God must have to have created something so amazingly intricate and it is one of the things that constantly causes me to think about Him.

So bringing things back to where we started with Stevie Wonders “Sir Duke” ‘Music knows it is and always will be one of the things that life just won’t quit…’ This is another gem from this song that rings true with me, music is one of the constants in my life that I would find sooooo difficult to live without it would be like the 4th of July with no apple pie or Friday with no 2 pizzas.

There is so much more for me to ramble on about with this topic but I think I’ll leave it here for now.

Hope you enjoyed it and the song is not too stuck in your head now.