“I don’t know much about History, don’t know much Biology…”

For me this is one of the most moving songs about love, its not just the lyrics that stir something inside me, but the whole song is like a gentle lullaby that rocks you securely in its melody and the brushes used on the drums are like a gentle whisper (Wow those similes got really girly really fast!).

This song really makes me ask a question that very few songs do, “what was he thinking about when he wrote that?”. You can just tell from the main theme of this song that Sam Cooke understands love in a unique way that is seldom understood today, “I don’t care if I’m uneducated, poor or  whatever because I have love” so many songs have the opposite stance today. Guy Chambers, who wrote a lot of hit songs for Robbie Williams and many other great artists of the 90’s and 00’s, said this “There are only four types of songs in popular music, ‘Please Stay’, ‘Go Away’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Hate You’.” I think that, not just music, but society has loved to focus on the negatives of those Four.

A good friend of mine will often gives this pearl of wisdom to people “Hurt people hurt people” this has very much been an experience I have had, so how do we get out of this vicious cycle of being hurt so we hurt, creating more people who hurt people, who in-turn (you get the picture). There is no hard and fast rule to help this situation but here are a few things that i have tried;

– Positivity however annoying it may be changes situations, when I hear someone putting someone else down, I like to make a point of doing or saying something encouraging. This has really P-ed off people who have a negative/pessimistic out look but 9/10 coming in the opposite nature will change an atmosphere. This can be hard to keep up especially if you are surrounded by naysayers, trust me I know, I was recently reprimanded at work for telling someone I thought that handled a difficult situation really well, I was told it seemed patronizing but rather than becoming yet another casualty of the hurt people hurting people epidemic I chose to push through.

– Make a choice to be different, often standing against something is the best way to combat it.

These are just two of the ways that have helped me but I know there are many more.

This song is one of those that you kick yourself and say “Why couldn’t I have written that?” because its simplistic but that is a major part of what makes it so beautiful. How beautiful would life be if we kept things simple like this song, mean what we say, do away with discrimination and be real with each other.

If we love well, keep things positive and simple… What a wonderful world this could be.


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