“Shut Up and Dance With Me…”

This song has definitely been my summer song, It has been on repeat on my IPod and stuck in my head an almost annoying amount. Such a catchy hook but like all of my blog entries I’m wanting to talk about how this song makes me feel and what it makes me think.

The catchy hook of this song is “Shut Up and Dance with Me”, How could I possibly glean any sort of wisdom from this unimaginative (but extremely catchy) pop lyric, listening to this I thought to myself how often do I just shut up and have fun with something? I don’t know about you but I have a massive tendency to over analyse every situation from the sensible “is it right to buy a house in this current economical climate?” to the almost crazy “what really are the benefits of going for 3 ply rather than 2 ply toilet paper?” If it can be thought about obsessively from all angles I will do just that and if it cannot it makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable, like when people pronounce the word  “Chorizo” as “Choritso” (even as I wrote this line I wanted to punch myself for sounding so middle class).

So In this weird tension of feeling over analytical but want to “Shut up and Dance (Or have fun)” how do I satisfy both wants? I think what has been really good for me recently is not having a reason for everything I do, sometimes the reason you do things should just be because “What the hey, its fun so lets do it!” I have recently been in a season of flat out work and after work commitments and I have loved what I have been doing but cant help think it has been a little unbalanced so Me and my Wife have decided just to start doing things for the fun of it. We play car hide and seek, not to wear in our new tires on the car but just because its a good laugh, sometimes we all just need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and have some fun. Sometimes we can be so focused on an end goal that we forget to enjoy the journey, we go to bed at 10pm because of work the next day, we turn down social events because we have a report to write and while I think that those things are extremely important but if this is the most regular thing that you are doing or saying where is the fun going to come from in your life. I am not saying go around partying 24/7 and never worry about work, education or money but what I am saying is enjoy what you have now and don’t just be chasing a carrot all the time.

I am in the process of starting up a Martial Arts Fitness class and it is something that I have wanted to do ever since I got my black belt back in 2009 but I have always put it off because I have thought “what if it doesn’t make any money” and other thoughts of that nature but I recently stopped and thought “I don’t have to do this for money, I can do it because its something that will be fun and I will enjoy” I wonder how many dreams I have postponed because of thinking like that.

Even in the Book of John Jesus said that he has come so that we can have life to the full, how full are you living your life at the moment?

My challenge is to try something new that you want to do just for the fun of it, don’t worry about what you will look like or what other will think but just “Shut Up and (Fill in the blank)”