“My Mama Don’t Like You & She Likes Everyone…”

It has been a while since I last wrote something but really felt like I would love to write something based around this song. Lyrically this song is really self explanatory yet poetic in a very Ed Sheeran way, but the real thing that this song made me want to write about is change. This song is the first time I have ever uttered the words “wow, Justin Bieber is actually really good!” at first a little bit of myself died inside, but as I began to think about it the reason that I liked this song and now Bieber is because of the amount of change that has happened to his music, that is really what I want to talk about CHANGE!

I am a self confessed change-o-phob, I not only hate change but am genuinely scared of it. When I think about change I can get heart palpitations, clammy hands and worst of all a sweaty back (no one likes a sweaty back!) I have viewed change from every angle, “I hate it and I’m not gonna do it!”, “I’m gonna dig my heels” and “You can’t make me!!!” but I have never looked at it from the angle it being a good thing. Just look at Bieber he made a change and now I like him *side note: I am not saying that for me to like you you must fundamentally change everything about you, just Bieber* his change has resulted in acclaim, respect and good music.

This has got me thinking with all the change that is currently going on around me what will be the positives that come out of these changes? this has never been something I have thought to ask I always usually go to the negative immediately, thinking that my life will come crashing down as a result of any change leaving me broke, homeless and bald (3 of my biggest worries.)

As in most of my articles I pose a question to myself and hope that maybe its useful to others this one is “what will be the positives of the change I am facing now? what difference, for the better, will there be in 1, 6 or 12 weeks?” for me I can choose to see this next season as a time of uncertainty and doubt or I can choose to view the change positively and  see it as a time of adventure and faith.



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