“You can’t always get what you want… But if you try some times, you might find you get what you need”

This is an absolute classic and one of those songs that everyone has heard and if they havent you shout “YOU HAVENT?!?!” and immediately stop what your doing and load it up on Youtube to show them while feeling the crushing panic of “Oh no! have I over sold this song?” or “if they don’t like it I’m going to look like a fool” sets in. Its catchy and edgy at the same time… I love it!

The message that I want to talk about attached to this song may seem like a tedious link at points  but bear with me as this is something very relevant to what life looks like for me at the moment and I know that I cant be the only one.

I have been taking stock recently and thinking that I am very happy with where I am with life but I am not where I thought I would be by this point in my life.

By the age of 23 I thought that I would be married (check), have travelled to most continents (check) and have a rich social life (check) but there are a few things, that in comparison seem minor  but are the big obstruction to my complete contentment. Don’t get me wrong I love my life but there are a few things that I keep coming back to and thinking “this would just be the icing on the cake”  things like I thought that I would have qualified or be working in a job that I love (for me this would be counselling), I would love to have a plan for moving to The United States (this has been a dream of mine forever) and I thought that I would be more involved in Church leadership.

These things while I know in my head are all minor wants, I cant seem to get them out of my head and in some cases are clouding the joy of the amazing things that I do have in my life. I would love to take on the meaning of this song and know that I wont always get what I want but be content that I have all I need but it is difficult.

As a driven person how do you see past the uncompleted goals and celebrate the complete, even as an optimist I find this difficult.

I have had numerous encouragements from close friends since sharing this feeling in a group setting and been given some great material on how to work through this, but I think the things that I have learned through this is “Don’t minimise your goals” as a Christian when you do this you are limiting Gods power to your understanding and that is not good at all because it means firstly, you are not reliant on God you are only trusting in your own strength and secondly, if we all did this the Eiffel Tower would be 2 stories high, Leicester FC would not be atop the Premier League and we would live in a world without pigs in blankets (that’s not a world I want to live in).

The second thing that I have learned through this experience is “Celebrate what you do have regularly” doing this has helped me see the bigger picture that my life is 99% amazing don’t let the 1% of annoyance, uncompleted goals, etc rob of enjoying the 99%.

This is something that I am having to make a choice in daily and sometimes I get it right and choose to see that I have everything I need and be thankful for that but there are still days where I love mope so much that I could be melted down into a bar of mope.

The important thing in this message thought is that you have the choice daily, it is not always your circumstances that dictate how you feel.


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