“Ba-De-Ya Say that you rember, Ba-De-Ya Dancing in September…”

This Disco classic from Earth Wind and Fire has caused one of the most annoying cases of earworm (a catchy song or tune that runs continually through someone’s mind) that I have had in a very long time, and on top of it being catchy its also impossible to sound manly singing it,  even Danny Dyer wouldn’t  be able to pull off sounding manly belting this classic out even if he was beating someone up with one hand and chowing down a steak drenched in bourbon with the other.

Ok, so this is a bit of a tenuous link but follow me on the journey as I try and shoe horn this great song into what I want to share about in this post. In September (so good so far) I will be completing some of my life long dreams on a trip to the southern  states of America, more Specifically Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas, we will also be stopping in Arkansas but lesbi-honest no one has ever said “do you know where i’d love to go on holiday?” and answered with Arkansas.

So this is what is on my mind at the moment, life goals but more than that dreams, as in the things that we long for and occupy out minds when we are doing the menial tasks of hanging the washing out or…. actually that’s really the only job I do at home that I don’t like to do. Myself and my wife have always been intentional at following our dreams passionately and I thought that this was common for most people, but as I have been chatting to more and more people about my dream of travelling America and going to Nashville to play country music and My Wife’s dreams of starting a business, I have been met more and more with disbelief and  wonderment that we are doing things we have a passion for and not just chatting/wishing/daydreaming about it.

So I guess what this has left me wondering is why? Why are people not pursuing what gives them life or what they have always dreamt of doing? I am willing to bet the for 9/10 the answer is fear, the reason I am so sure of this is because this is how I feel right before I commit to pursuing a dream. Sometimes when it comes to the pursuit of what we desire we need to just plough straight through, charging down any fears with the knowledge that even if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to at least you know you have given one of your dreams a go which is better than staying in a constant day dream state wondering “what if?”

Let’s break it down into one of my favourite ways by comparing this to great movies; What if Luke didn’t follow his dream to become a Jedi, he would still be farming moisture on Tatooine (Geekiest sentence I have ever written), What if Atticus Finch had given up his dream of racial equality in the justice system, it just would have been a book/movie about someone who goes to work everyday comes home and repeats this for the rest of his life (sound familiar?). My challenge is lets choose to be more like the Luke Skywalkers and Atticus Finches and not ones who are wondering what if.


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