“I Can’t Believe the News Today, I Can’t Close My Eyes and Make it Go Away…”

One of the most powerful songs of the last 40 years in my humble (and slightly U2 biased) opinion, this song mixes a powerful political message with a driven drum beat that drives home the point they are try to get across. The hauntingly beautiful lyrics and hypnotic guitar riff throughout makes this song an easy contender for my top 50 songs of all time but as always its more the message that i want to talk about.

The line quoted in the title is something that I feel has been uttered by almost every TV owning human being, with an ounce of compassion, on the planet at the moment and for the last 2 years certainly. We have been flooded recently with media coverage of terror attacks, hate attacks, virus’, natural disasters and global warming and it is becoming more and more difficult to make it through to the end of the news in the evenings, especially as there’s not even a happy ending with the weather forecast if you live in the UK.  So is it the case that we live in a darker world than ever before? is that the reason that the reason that its difficult to get through a single day without feeling so deflated and at points ashamed to be in a world that can be so cruel and twisted?

Sunday Bloody Sunday was written and performed to bring publicity to injustice and to help bring justice and closure to grieving families, this is something we need now. What I believe we need too is to see, particularly in the media, that the world is not just gun shots and famine but that there is some good in the world, it is not a crime to enjoy the good news. I am not wanting to take away from the horrid situations going on around the world because I am well aware and pray and support in any way that I can but one thing that we need to get our head around is to stop feeding ourselves on negativity and darkness, yes its is good to be aware of these situations but we should also enjoy the good that is in the world, its as if we are being fed a diet of deep fried Cheetos and chicken nuggets solely  which in turn clogs up our compassion arteries and makes us numb to the suffering of the world because we hear it so regularly, we need a more balanced intake of good and bad we need to hear about funny cat videos and see pictures of babies eating lemons to help us stay healthy other wise we are just have high cholesterol and a low vision of what the world could become when there is more good than bad and we see the world as a dark place rather than an amazing collective of diverse individuals with a fee anomalies.


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