“I Want It All (Yeah! Yeah!) I Want It All, I Want It All … And I Want It Now”

Vocal perfection from Freddie Mercury, Crunching guitars and piercingly high harmonies, this is a quintessentially Queen ¬†classic, you can almost hear the echo of thousands of Wembley attendants belting out this anthem as you sing it alone in the shower… that just made me sound like some sad Bridget Jones character, I have sang it alone in the shower before but not like ‘mascara streaming down my face after my 4th glass of Pinot Grigio’ singing in the shower its more like a manly kind of singing (wow that escalated quickly). ¬†Anyway, the intro and chorus of the song is what has struck a chord with me recently and caused me to think deeper. I have become aware that more and more this has become my very impatient view in life, let me unpack that.

Since a very young age I have always prided myself on being a very laid back patient person but it is only recently that I have realised that there are different types of patience, for example, In previous jobs I have had people screaming in my face and not budged an inch and I have had people who I am helping out with a behaviour issue relapse time and time again but always had the response of “not to worry we can get through this together” but when it comes to patience with what is happening in my life my response isn’t this breezy almost Disney-esque response, it’s not even close!

I have found that Freddie’s words are what tend to normally be my mantra “I WANT IT ALL AND NOW!” which for people who know me well may think that this is a bit out of character for me but let me explain, it is not a selfish Violet from Willy Wonka cry of “I must have everything” as I’m not even a very driven person by nature but more of a waiting for a Pizza to arrive when you haven’t eating anything all day kind of thing like”I just can’t wait, I just want to skip all the steps and have this in my belly already!”

So the question that I am asking myself right now is “Is this giddy harmless excitement or is this an issue of I am struggling to enjoy where I am because all I can focus on where I am right now” Yes I do enjoy the excitement of looking forward to what could become but it is often followed by a sinking sadness of “I’m not there yet” so I am now thinking that this isn’t as helpful as I once thought.

My personal provocation is to, for a trail period of time, try to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. As a side note I have recently noticed that it is often when you reach a goal you miss the journey sometime more that what you got out of it, a lot like the run up to Christmas; Me and my wife will often get the post Christmas blues even before the day is over, usually around 4pm, as although the build up has all been to the day that we are currently experiencing (or the goal, if you like) we are sad as the journey is what will be absent after it being such a prevalent source of excitement for so long.